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Hair serum price in Bangladesh

Hair plays the second-best role when it comes to setting up the entire look. But with aging you notice excessive hair fall, food habits, lifestyle, and hormonal imbalance could become the reason for it. Even the growth of the hair stops if you don’t pay heed to what your hair craves. Hair serum price in Bangladesh.

Just like our body, other parts of your hair health needs constant care, attention, and most importantly patience. Your hair is sensitive to any changes in the environment, diet, and overall health.

After adolescence, males can start losing their hair at any time, and it can continue for years or even decades. Male pattern hair loss frequently results in baldness in men. 

Whereas, in the case of women hair gradually thins throughout the scalp, but typically not at the hairline. Although hair loss can start at any moment after puberty, many women experience this type as a normal part of aging. 

In today’s article, we’ll talk in detail about the best hair products with hair serum price in Bangladesh that can actually bring change to your hair care. Let’s not waste any more time and have a look at it-

Best hair oil in Bangladesh

From ancient times our grandparents used to love applying hair oil. They used to consider it as their hair savior. But today’s generation has almost forgotten to apply hair oil which is why they’ve lost the shine in their hair.

Dry, rough & unhealthy hair’s prime reason is not applying oil to your hair. As oil keeps your hair nourished and protected for a longer span of time. That’s why removing the dry flaky patches of your hair oiling is important.

Well, who doesn’t know the importance of hair oiling? We don’t need to say that to you!
But what we need to tell you is which oil to choose for your hair.

However, the Enshine Medicated Hair Oil of TIP TOP MART LTD can be the game changer for your hair. It has all the natural ingredients that can be a master key to achieving the hair goals you have kept on your bucket list for so long.

This hair oil is light & non-sticky in texture which makes your hair shiny and encourages hair growth. Just warm it in a double boiling method and then apply it with patience. Section your hair into different parts and apply it thoroughly.

If you want you can add a few essential oils of your choice like rosemary oil etc. That can work great with our product.

With time you can see your hair becoming healthy, that’s why we’ve enlisted it into our hair serum price Bangladesh article.

Pro tip- Always comb your hair before applying oil. Never comb your hair after using hair oil. After the application of oil, our hair shaft remains weak and gets broken very easily, that’s why.

Best shampoo for your hair

Hair cleaning doesn’t mean that you have to spend half the bottle of shampoo on your hair in a single day. The product needs to be good enough so that a small amount can do wonders for your hair.

Your hair scalp needs to be properly cleaned up to keep it healthy. But that cannot be assured if you’ve dandruff in your hair. As it makes your scalp dirty, and flaky & your scalp becomes more prone to dry patches.

There are so many shampoos in the market. But each has its own benefits. For dandruff-filled hair, you’ll need an anti-dandruff shampoo. TIP TOP MART LTD has Klized Plus Shampoo which works wonderfully to fight dandruff.

It not only cleans your hair with dandruff but also helps in itching, flaking, etc. That’s what solves half of your hair problems, doesn’t it?

Other than the dandruff problem, one of the key hair-related problems is hair fall problem. There can be numerous reasons behind it which can lead to it. But if you’re facing it due to the shampoo we got you covered.

If you’re someone who is looking for hair products that can work the best for both hair fall & dandruff then TIP TOP MART LTD has another option which is Biozol Plus shampoo.

This shampoo helps your hair strands not to break and keeps it healthy. Moreover, it helps your hair free from gunks and product buildup.

As a result, you can notice your hair is healthy and shiny. Most importantly, you can notice comparatively less hair fall and healthy hair.

That’s another two best hair products in the hair serum price in Bangladesh for you!

Pro tip- You can try this DIY at your home if you’ve product buildup in your hair. That is, take 2/3 tablespoons of coffee powder and mix it into your shampoo. Clean your hair with it and you’ll notice less buildup after a few uses.

Best hair serum price in Bangladesh

Hair serums are like sunscreen for your hair. As it works best on protecting your hair. After applying so many good products all you need to do is care for your hair. That gets easier when you apply hair serum.

Well, hair serum acts like magic for your hair cuticles by not letting it damage. Mostly, the proteins in it help your hair to remain safe, that’s the hair serum benefits.

Another thing best done by hair serums is keeping your hair shiny, not dry & dull. You can have serum within 1200-1500 taka in Bangladesh.

Other ways to stop hair fall

Hair is very vulnerable and needs care just like a baby does. Besides ensuring proper hair care products it’s very important to maintain some steps that can cure your hair-related problems from the inside.

A few steps from our personal suggestion which has helped us for the longer run in our hair care journey-

1. You need to consume food that has extra protein that can enhance your hair growth. Mostly, different seeds and nuts are very beneficial for hair.

2. Take vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and zinc. As it helps to protect your hair from damage.

3. Consume eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes, etc. which are nutritious food for your hair.

4. Try to clean your comb every week, it helps a lot to keep your scalp clean.

5. Try to not use heat in your hair. Even if you do, always try to use a heat protector as it’s a must.

6. Try to avoid junk which is neither good for your body nor your hair.


1. How can you see extreme hair loss?

Everybody loses between 50 and 100 hair strands per day, which is quite natural. Because of the hair growth cycle, which calls for the hair to be lost at the end so that new hair can grow in its place, this occurs.

But anything more than that requires a requirement to consult with a specialist. As it could be a reason for alopecia and many others.

2. What hair issues are most typical?

Dandruff. Although it can also affect women, it is one of the most prevalent hair issues for men. Fungal infections, dry scalp brought on by cold weather or low humidity, oily scalp, skin disorders, and hormonal fluctuations can all contribute to this disease.

Besides dandruff, hair fall is another common problem that is seen in both cases of men and women.

3. What hair care tips are helpful?

Tips for healthy hair include washing oily hair more regularly, shampooing the scalp with a concentrated formula, and conditioning the hair tips after each shampooing. Most importantly, try to use fewer heat tools as it can break the hair shaft quickly.

4. How to naturally grow hair?

We’ll look more closely at a few popular techniques below. The first involves massaging the scalp with castor oil, jojoba oil, or any essential oils, such as rosemary oil. One more is to rinse your hair with rice water.

5. What slows the growth of hair?

There can be many reasons behind it. But most of the time the common problem is having Vitamin deficiency. Even according to research, vitamin deficiencies are one of the main reasons why hair grows slowly.

Try to consume foods that are nutritious and are filled with vitamins so that your hair does not get broken easily.


Just like we’ve mentioned, your hair is like your baby. In order to care for your baby you’ve to be a bit conscious. That’s why we’ve introduced it in the hair serum price in Bangladesh article so that you can avail of it.

Besides that try to abide by the pro tip mentioned so that you can notice a better result in your hair care.