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White Glow Skin Whitening And Brightening Nourishing Cream In Bangladesh

Rather be it men or women having a healthy glowing skin is a shared dream that we all crave. Most importantly, to rejuvenate one’s skin just like in their 20's, having products with the right ingredients is the most challenging thing. To make things a bit more easier for you we’ve picked some of the whitening and brightening products that will be a game changer for your skin. Let’s not waste any more time rather dive in-

Key goals-

Getting direct exposure to sun, dust and pollution, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyle and many other factors hampers our skin texture. The skin brightening cream is prepared in such a way which will take care of all of your skin issues and provide a glowy texture.

Whitening creams vs. whitening face washes

Be it a 7-step Korean skin care routine or a normal routine, having a face wash is a must. But whitening face wash beside removing the stubborn gunks focuses on giving your skin a brighter texture. And including the whitening cream is cherry on the top for your skin.
The reason behind it is the ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, natural extracts which helps in reducing hyperpigmentation, dark spots and even out the entire skin tone. But both whitening face wash and whitening creams usage can help in taking care of the issues otherwise it will be half done.
Well, while choosing the product having a look in brand is obligatory too as not all brand products focus on the targeted problems. That's why choosing products keeping skin sensitivity in mind takes care of half of the problems.

Why choose whitening and brightening cream?

Selective ingredients-

Thanks to the combined mixture of effective ingredients which treats skin brightening properties. We’re talking about ingredients like Vitamin- C, Glycolic acid, Retinol,Lactic acid, Azelaic acid and Alpha arbutin. These ingredients take off your upper layer of dead skin cells and cures the pigmented, sun-tanned skin. The deep penetration of the ingredients does the magic.

Ensuring nourishment-

As our products have targeted the skin brightening category, having a deep nourished skin is the top-most priority. Our products consist of antioxidants, vitamins and moisturising agents which keeps the skin hydrated and most importantly protects it from sun damage.

Prioritise skin types-

Just like a perfect medicine can cure your disease from root, the same goes for our skin too. Be it oily, dry or combination skin our product prioritises your skin type and ensures the effective treatment. If you’re feeling perplexed we’ve our doctor consultation ready on board for you. Feel free to reach out.

Say no to harsh chemicals-

Whitening and brightening cream doesn’t mean it’ll have harsh chemicals which will rip off your skin. Rather it’ll focus on making your skin type to be more healthy and protected. We believe in longevity of beauty which cannot be attained with cheap chemical components.

Skin brightening vs. whitening vs. lightening

Who doesn’t want a clear, spot-free radiant skin? While searching the products for your skin the label of skin brightening, whitening and lightening might have confused you surely. But fret not, we’re here with some basic differences among them which will clarify your confusion-

Skin brightening-

Skin brightening changes your dull and damaged texture into a fresh glowy skin without changing your natural skin tone. This works by removing your dead skin cells which when piles up makes your skin look more aged.

Skin whitening-

Skin-whitening is a process which degrades the melanin pigment in the skin to give a more whiter complexion to the skin.Skin whitening is a therapy which comes under both cosmetic and dermatological ones.

Skin lightening-

Skin lightening is quite similar to skin whitening. As it all also works by reducing melanin production in a particular area. It just fades the darker spots, hyper pigmentations of overall skin tone.

Is skin brightening or whitening safe?

Converting your entire skin complexion to a different one will require high dosage of chemicals which accompanies high risks and are considered unsafe for skin. Due to the ingredients as it may have ingredients which will burn your skin.
Keeping aside all of these injections if one focuses on skin rejuvenation it will be both effective and healthy.

Is skin brightening permanent?

Well, unfortunately it’s not a one time process rather requires a lifetime commitment. You have to take the injections for skin brightening in regular intervals which will keep your skin brightening effect intact.

Is skin whitening permanent?

Luckily, yes the skin whitening procedure is permanent. But it can be harmful,painful and a big-budget thing to be maintained. If you’re up for it take all the cautions in mind then walk a step ahead.

Step wise routine

A proper skin care routine along with our product can give you a healthy brighter skin tone. Let’s have a look on the steps-
Face cleaning- Before touching your face, wash your hands properly. Then take a gentle face wash and thoroughly massage your skin and take out all the gunks from your face. Wipe out your face with a tissue or a towel.
Toner- After using a cleanser it’s important to balance the pH level of your skin and toner does it in the best way. Spray and apply toner and let it penetrate in to your skin.
Moisturiser- Take a gentle amount of whitening cream and apply it to your face and neck. Take your time and properly massage it into uneven areas.
SPF- To make your entire routine fruitful apply a four finger SPF into your face and neck. SPF more than 30 are ideal according to our weather to protect from harmful UV rays.
A pro- tip: Don't forget to reapply your sunscreen!

Other factors to maintain a white glowy skin

A white glowy skin doesn’t come with just a product. It requires some extra factors too. Such as-

Healthy lifestyle- A balanced diet full of nutrients, green veggies and vitamins is a must. It is recommended by specialists to drink 6-8L water on a regular basis. And lastly, 8 hrs sleep is the key to healthy skin too. Not only that if you take a lot of stress it will be visible in your face too. Try to relax and maintain the aforementioned tips.
Gentle exfoliation- Our skin produces new cells everyday. To take out the dead skin cells it is very important to have a gentle exfoliator included in your routine. It could be both a product or face-mask. Well, excess anything is bad so keep in mind not to do over-exfoliation as it’ll hamper the barrier of your skin.
No to harsh products- Your entire routine requires gentleness and consistency. Using harsh chemical filled products can disrupt the entire routine. And instead of doing any good it can strip the skin. Try to avoid strong chemicals or alcohol related products.
Consult dermatologist- All of our skin requires extra care. Consulting a dermatologist can understand your skin concerns and suggest the required products you should. Feel free to reach out for your needs.


What is the difference between brightening and whitening?
Skin brightening focuses on bringing a natural glow for your skin whereas whitening focuses on a chemically bleaching which transforms your natural skin tone.
How can I whiten and brighten my skin?
Maintaining a proper dermatologist recommended skin care routine can help your skin to be whiten and brighten with time.
Does brightening cream whiten skin?
Yes, brightening cream does whiten skin.
How do I brighten my skin naturally?
You can follow DIY's such as turmeric, milk, chickpeas mixture etc. But before applying,a patch test is a must.
Is it possible to whiten dark skin?
Unfortunately, no. You cannot completely transform it but using certain products can lighten dark skin.
What is best for brightening?
Whitening creams that have vitamin C, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, retinoids etc. can help in brightening skin tone.
Which cream is best for fast whitening And Brightening?
How can I brighten my face?
Following a proper skincare routine which treats your skin issues and has ingredients which can brighten the face can do the job.


Having healthy, bright skin is not just an overnight thing. It requires your time, energy, patience and consistency. Our products can help your entire journey a bit easier. That is what our goal is. Don’t fall on the loop of dangerous chemical filled products for a fast complexion change.